Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day 1: Clare's

First stop: Michigan

Brian left Lusby at 4am Saturday June 9 headed for Detroit. He left so early, in fact, that it was more than an hour before Dunkin Donuts opened and he was able to get one of his beloved iced coffees. Meanwhile, I was up all night in Austin getting ready for the trip so I called a few times to check in with his progress. I boarded a plane bound for Detroit around 8am Austin time. After 10 hours on the road and 4 in the air (plus a layover) we both arrived at Clare's (my sister) house. Okay, he beat me there by 3 minutes. My new backpack arrived intact, too, so all was well with the world. 

Activities that followed included Clare and Brian meeting for the first time, a home and garden tour, watching Space Camp, and banging my flashlight against the floor to get the dead batteries to come out. (They REALLY won't come out.) After hanging out for a while and apparently making Clare miss all the Euro Cup games yesterday, we headed out to a Thai restaurant for dinner. We left with delicious bubble smoothies and leftovers in hand and headed home to continue our movie marathon with The Thomas Crown Affair and Office Space. I also synced my ipod with Clare's music library so we could have lots of new tunes for the trip.

No pictures from Day 1, naturally, but plenty will follow. 

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