Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day 2, Part 1: Cavorting with the Crowleys

Day 2, Part 1: Wyandotte

The next day we all got up bright and early to leave Clare's at 7am and head south to Wyandotte. Clare was playing in a golf tournament and had to be there by 8. Brian and I followed her down in the Jeep and went to Anne's to have breakfast with Anne and Ellen. We brought mimosas of course, and Anne had coffee and coffee cake ready when we got there. Delicious. We ate and drank on the sun porch to enjoy the beautiful day. Brian dug out his hard drive and we showed Anne and Ellen photos from Brian's graduation and our trip to VI because they're too cool for facebook. 

After hanging out at the house for a bit we went on a walk around downtown Wyandotte. We walked along the river for a bit and saw all the fishermen and then headed for Stroh's Icecream to see if it was open. Unfortunately it wasn't, so we kept on walking and passed St. Pat's. Of course I told Brian the story about how my mom kicked a nun in the shin when she was a student there. What a classic. We stopped by Uncle Joe's old lot next. I was going to take a picture for Clare but it's now got a garage on it instead of being an empty lot. Sorry, Clare, I know you'll be disappointed. 

The Detroit River (Brian needs some sunglasses)

When we got back to the house, Anne gave us a tour of Ed's hickory club workshop. Very impressive! I suggested they next turn the fruit cellar into a wine cellar. It's important to have priorities. Then we hung out for a bit longer on the porch while we waited for Ed and Clare to be done at the golf tournament so they could join us for lunch.

Anne, Ellen, and Brian chatting and enjoying the day on the sun porch at Anne's

Around 11:30 Ellen went home to tend her garden and the rest of us went to lunch at Nanna's in downtown Wyandotte. I'm quickly learning I'm a terrible blogger because I have no picture of the place. Oh well. It was tasty, though, and Brian got to meet my Uncle Ed. Oh, and did I mention that Clare and her partner WON THE GOLF TOURNAMENT! Woohoo! Unfortunately there was no medal to signify her reign over the Wyandotte women's golf scene, but we all know. 

After lunch we hit Stroh's on our way out of town, but I forgot my camera again. (That's probably going to happen a lot.) Brian was desperate for icecream at that point because he sat in the sun for lunch, despite me asking him three times if he wanted to switch seats with me so he'd be in the shade. he's stubborn like that sometimes.

And then it was time to HIT THE ROAD! Brian was less excited than me because he's generally less excitable than me and because his road trip had started the day before, but he was smiling as we set out, so that's a good sign. 

This leg of the trip was about 300 miles from Wyandotte to Brian's aunt and uncle's house in the Chicago suburbs. 

I made sure to take some pictures of the mileage and fuel efficiency, sparking the idea for the name of the blog. (Our mpg is now down in the 16.9 range. Go figure.

Maybe later I'll make a plot of our declining fuel efficiency. Global warming? Pfft. Who believes in that anymore?


  1. A very impressive site. I've already bookmarked it.
    Good job!
    (too cool for Facebook)

  2. Global warming is a liberal myth!

    Cool blog you have here - interesting reads!